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Introducing Kura Ilera Activated Charcoal Soap, the perfect solution for treating oily skin, acne, and cleaning pores.


Formulated with activated charcoal, this soap effectively removes unwanted oil and impurities from your face and body, leaving your skin feeling clean and refreshed. Infused with the invigorating scents of tea tree and eucalyptus, this soap offers a refreshing and rejuvenating cleansing experience.


Each bar weighs approximately 130g and is made with 100% natural ingredients. For best results, use a soap dish to help your soap last longer. However, if irritation occurs, discontinue use immediately.


Say goodbye to oily skin and acne with Kura Ilera Activated Charcoal Soap.

Kura Ilera Activated Charcoal Soap


  • Sodium cocoate (coconut), sodium olivate (olive pomace), sodium shea butterate (shea butter), sodium castorate (castor oil), aqua, glycerin, carbon activated, melaleuca alternifolia oil (tea tree) peppermint (mentha arvensis leaf oil).

    Naturally occurring allergens: limonene, linalool.

संबंधित उत्पाद